Learn about smallcase Gateway's feature, SDK and API offerings 🚄📱💻


smallcase Gateway enables equity investments natively on your platform (apps and website). Build a seamless investment experience for your clients using our SDKs and APIs.

Directly integrating with individual brokers is hard and painful. That's where smallcase Gateway comes to the rescue.

smallcase Gateway makes the integration experience seamless with its out-of-box, standardised experience across brokers for you and your clients.


Security Transactions

Enable Securities Transactions on your platform to allow smooth buy and sale of one or more stocks, ETFs, InvITs & REITs at once.

Also known as single stock order / basket order / SST

smallcase Transactions

Distribute smallcase on your platform by enabling smallcase Transactions. In the DIY integration approach, you can use our smallcase data APIs to power smallcase discovery screens, order placements, and investment tracking.

To fast track the integration, smallcase Module provides an out-of-box user experience that includes smallcase discovery, transactions & investment tracking.

Also known as SMT

Holdings Import

Use our Holdings Import feature to build a holistic view of a user’s equity investments (stocks, ETFs, InvITs, REITs and smallcases).

Broker Account Opening

Our Broker Account Opening feature can help your users open a broker account of their choice with a fully online & seamless experience.

Supporting features

Broker connect

Use our broker connect flow to connect your user's broker account with your product account. This process will simplify the future user interactions with smallcase Gateway SDK where the user can now directly continue with their broker rather than being asked to choose from a set of available brokers every time.

Fetch available funds in Demat account

Using our fetch funds flow, you can now easily fetch available funds in the user's Demat account.

Client side SDKs

Gateway SDK helps enable investment journeys (and more) for your users. With minimal integration efforts in your website and app, SDKs will be ready to handle transactional (and other) flows.

You can use one or more of these SDKs -

Web apps

Native apps

Hybrid apps

Server side APIs & Webhooks

Gateway APIs play a vital role in investment journeys. Be it for creating transactions, fetching order details, user investments, leads status, and much more.

Based on your use case, check out the relevant APIs & Webhooks -

Security transactions

smallcase transactions

Holdings import

Broker connect

Broker account opening

Fetch funds

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