For MF Holdings Import (using SDK UI), how can we know the screen on which user dropped?

Feature: MF Holdings Import via SDK (<>)

How to get the scid?

After the broker login im getting the response but couldnt understood how to get the scid for smallcase api

Transaction Details

Will you API, allow us to get the details of all the transaction done by the user in his broker account along with all the charges and entry and exit price details?

while initialising Gateway using ScgatewayFlutterPlugin unable to getting the smallcaseAuthid

Hi Team, I am unable to get the smallcaseAuthid after the user login is completed. jwtToken and transactionId i am getting through the server. I am getting the response like the below data; in this, there is no smallcaseAuthid {"data":"eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzbWFsbGNhc2VBdXRoSWQiOiI2NDgxNzZlZTNjMGEyNmUyMjc5ZGNhNmQiLCJpYXQiOjE3MTE0NDIyNzAsImV4cCI6MTcxMTQ0NTg3MH0.1WBIV9SO28OqL8WzySCOMITDWVlGCzP5VxRQPUPdo7s","broker":"kite","success":true,"transaction":"HOLDINGS_IMPORT"} await ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.setConfigEnvironment( GatewayEnvironment.PRODUCTION, "my_gateway", true, \[]); // Initialize Gateway with authToken try { await ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.initGateway("$jwtToken"); await ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.triggerGatewayTransaction(transactionId).then((value) { print("ScgatewayFlutterPlugin value:: $value"); }).catchError((error) { print('Error fetching ScgatewayFlutterPlugin data: $error'); }); } catch (e) { print('Error initializing gateway: $e'); }

How to get leprechaun (test mode) token ?

I am looking to understand the flow and wanted leprechaun (test mode) token for Upstox? How can I get it?

Could not determine the dependencies of task ':app:processDevDebugResources'. In react native 0.72.7

When installing it throws this error \`Could not determine the dependencies of task ':app:processDevDebugResources'.

Require integration of Smallcase into Flutter for Android.

We encountered an issue in the Flutter project while following the provided Flutter integration documentation: flutter pub add scgateway_flutter_plugin Unfortunately, this plugin is not compatible with our project. Could you please improve the documentation for clearer instructions? Alternatively, could you provide the GitHub repository where we can find integration for the smallcase API? The implementation process has resulted in numerous challenges for us. Thanks.

Smallcase Portfolio

Are there API to CRUD smallcase private portfolio

How to logout from all small case accounts

How to logout from all small case accounts

Integration Keys

How can we request for integration keys as an individual developer?