Web SDK: how to trigger transaction in leprechaun mode?

What are the different ways in which we can trigger a transaction in leprechaun mode?

Getting error while generating authentication key

'IDX10653: The encryption algorithm 'HS256' requires a key size of at least '128' bits. Key '[PII of type 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.SymmetricSecurityKey' is hidden. For more details, see]', is of size: '112'. Parameter name: key'

How to cancel a single order?

I want to cancel a pending order. What API can be used for cancellation? Please suggest

500 internal error when guest user api is invoked

500 internal error when guest user api is invoked : 500 Internal Server Error: "{"success":false,"errors":["Internal server error"],"data":null,"errorType":"InternalError"}" http://localhost:8099/api/v1/transaction/guest-user/create x-gateway-authtoken : eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJndWVzdCI6dHJ1ZSwiZXhwIjoxNjU2MzM0NDQ1LCJpYXQiOjE2NTU3Mjk2NDV9.AxzCZqCjxi8tMLePk78O3uGBdV9kRx4DcJoCx03t3bk Issue is when we are invoking the api with object having securities nodes as follows , it go into error : String ticker; SecurityTypeEnum type; OrderTypeEnum orderType; Long quantity; BigDecimal price; BigDecimal triggerPrice; Note: json data we provide as required only - { "intent": "TRANSACTION", "orderConfig": { "type": "SECURITIES", "securities": [ { "ticker": "WSI" } ] } When we remove the fields for price and triggerPrice , it starts working even if we provide just ticker value in json. Please help understand , how api is created so that null values for price and triggerPrice is causing problem to it. IMPACT : this is causing us to create multiple request object just to invoke similar api .

Do we have API for i> Fund Balance and ii>. chnage default expiry of 5 minutes for fetched transaction Ids

i. I see only Fetch fund Api in smallcase, do we have any api to fund the wallet balance? ii. The fetched transaction is having 5 minutes of default expiry , can it be customised especially for guest user ?

Getting Invalid `x-gateway-authtoken` header error despite signing JWT with api-secret. Sign the JWT with appropriate secret."

Getting Invalid `x-gateway-authtoken` header error despite signing JWT with api-secret. Sign the JWT with appropriate secret." We are posting request on with headers x-gateway-authtoken and x-gateway-secret and body in json format , but we r getting token exception. Please help us asap. We have just received secret from smallcase.

About Holdings Import V2 response

In the Holdings Import V2 response, will there be cases where "quantity" key value would be less than the "smallcaseQuantity" value?

Help: SDK is throwing error - `webhook_unreachable`. Why?

When would SDK throw `webhook_unreachable` error?

Securities Transaction: Basket Order

Hi Team, I have some questions about securities transaction API when we place a basket order: 1. If I place a basket order with securities transaction API, what will be the order update trigger that I'll receive via single stock update webhook? Let's say, the basket order contains 4 stocks in the securities list. Will I receive four separate updates as and when those orders are completed or a single update when all of them are completed? Let's say if one stock order is completed successfully, will I get the all four orders in the order update trigger with the schema something like this: { ... orders: { "stock1": { "status": "COMPLETED", ... }, "stock2": { "status": "PLACED", ... }, "stock3": { "status": "PLACED", ... }, "stock4": { "status": "PLACED", ... } } ... } OR only the completed order with schema something like this: { ... orders: { "stock1": { "status": "COMPLETED", ... } } ... } 2. Is it checking for the validity of funds to place all the stock orders in the securities list of the basket? For ex. If 2 stock orders are completed and now the user doesn't have enough funds to place other two stock orders.

No variants found for ':react-native-smallcase-gateway'

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