Learn about the Mutual Fund Holdings Import -


Once the transactionId is created, the same can be passed to the triggerMfTransaction method of the client-side SDK

User will be asked to enter his PAN and mobile number (mobile number must be linked to one of the folios user is holding) to generate an OTP.

Once the user generates an OTP, MFCentral will share the OTP on the entered mobile number. User needs to enter this OTP on the verify OTP screen.

Once that is done, the mutual funds holdings will be fetched in background and will be shared on the registered webhook

Learn more To create a transactionId for mutual holdings import to include the mutual funds transactions orderbook from a particular date, one can pass/specify ` fromDate ` while creating the transactionId.

for eg.

   "intent": "HOLDINGS_IMPORT",
   "assetConfig": {
       "fromDate": "01-Jan-2006"

Using the above transactionId, for triggering the flow, will fetch the orderbook for mutual funds transactions starting from the given fromDate

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