Fetch holdings and positions using our Holdings Import feature.


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What's new in Holdings Import v2?

The holdings data now includes:

  1. NSE & BSE listed stocks and ETFs
  2. holdings and positions
  3. smallcase holdings
  4. stock holdings (including those part of smallcase holdings)

How can I fetch mutual fund holdings?

smallcase Gateway now provides an option to import mutual funds holdings along with the stocks and smallcase holdings (broker support: kite). Pass optional query param ?mfHoldings=true to get the MF holdings in the response.


Why am I getting a "Not authorized for resource" error?

You can only fetch holdings for a user who has given one-time consent from SDK (as a part of HOLDINGS_IMPORT transaction). Learn about the complete flow in our Holdings Import guide.

Why am I getting a "Guest token not enabled for resource" error?

x-gateway-authtoken header must contain a connected user auth token (JWT with payload containing smallcaseAuthId of the user). if you pass a guest user auth token, the API cannot identify the user for which you are trying to fetch holdings.

Learn more about JWT usage in our broker identification guide.

Request parameters

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