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Single stock or basket orders

User would be able to place stock & ETF orders for one or more stocks with their broker in an exchange approved & complaint broker environment.

The integration partner would be required to create an order config as input and would receive a transactionId with the intentded stock order config, using provided Gateway APIs.
Order config for would contain following inputs -

  • stock NSE tickers
  • transaction type(buy/sell)
  • quantity for individual stocks

Integration partner can then proceed to initialize transaction on Gateway client-side interface by passing the transactionId to triggerTransaction method. This would prompt the user to choose his broker & complete the trading account login. Users can then proceed to review the orders, change quantities, and optionally change transaction type for individual orders.

Once orders are confirmed by the user, the Gateway would validate if enough funds are available with the user’s broker account, and prompt with Add Funds option is not.
In the case of sell orders, Gateway would validate if the user holds enough quantity to execute the order

After funds check, orders are placed through the broker and upon execution of the order, executed quantity & average buy/sell price for each stock is shared on the client-interface as well as webhook

Note : Gateway currently supports Market Orders of NSE listed stocks only

Updated about a year ago

Single stock or basket orders

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