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This document provides details about what features are supported by which all brokers

Note for developers: smallcase Gateway SDK handles showing relevant brokers in broker chooser for different transaction intents.

Feature map

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Note: smallcase transaction charges are charged by respective brokers.

AMO timings

Many brokers support after-market order placement for stocks/ETF as well as certain smallcase orders. For supported brokers, below are the timings in which such orders are accepted.

BrokerAMO order timings
5Paisa4:30pm to 9am AMOs are temporarily disabled
Axis Securities6:15pm to 9am
Dhan4:30pm to 9am
HDFC Securities6:30pm to 12am
1am to 9am
Groww4pm to 8:59am
ICICIdirect5pm to 9am
IIFL4:30pm to 8:55am
Kotak Securities4pm to 9am
Zerodha5pm (3:45pm for POA) to 1am
5am to 9am

Broker identifier

It is a broker key (against each broker) which is used for identifying broker between your app and SDK. For example -

  1. Your app can pass set of broker keys to only show those brokers in Gateway's broker chooser screen.
  2. Gateway SDK also shares a broker key in transaction response.
Broker nameBroker key
Alice Bluealiceblue
Angel Oneangelbroking
Axis Securitiesaxis
Numava (formerly Edelweiss)edelweiss
FundzBazar (Prudent)fundzbazar
HDFC Securitieshdfc
Kotak Securitieskotak
Motilal Oswalmotilal

Note: corresponding leprechaun account for each of the brokers have the key - <brokerkey>-leprechaun