DIY integration via API - MF Holdings Import

A backend-to-backend integration - plug our APIs with your UI to suit your system's design πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ πŸ’»πŸ“ˆ

With smallcase Gateway, you can easily import the latest snapshot and transaction details of a user’s mutual fund holdings natively in a seamless manner


This guide only talks about how to do API-only integration for importing MF holdings

More details about the feature and how it works here - Standard integration via SDK.

Build your flow

1. Create a transactionId by calling the create transaction API πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Generate a transactionId for the intent MF_HOLDINGS_IMPORT using Create Transaction API.

2. Collect user PAN and mobile in your UI, and trigger mobile OTP using our API πŸ“₯

Once you collect user's PAN and mobile, the next step is to verify the mobile number. Use the Get OTP API to trigger OTP on user's mobile number. The user will receive the OTP on the provided phone number from MFCentral.

3. Collect OTP in your UI, and verify OTP using our API πŸ”‘

Once the user enters OTP on your UI, use the Verify OTP API to verify the same.

4. Consume the holdings data from your webhook endpoint πŸͺ

After the successful verification of the OTP, your server will receive the holdings response on the registered webhook endpoint.

Sequence diagram

This diagram suggests the sequence of interactions between different entities involved:

  • Your Server
  • Gateway API
  • Gateway MF API

# Holdings data

The following data about the user’s MF holdings will be shared in holdings data. It will also include additional analysis and insights into investment.

Summary data

This contains the user's investment consolidated by each of the mutual funds.

  • Folio No. under which the MF holdings are held.
  • MF scheme in which the user has invested.
  • ISIN code of the scheme
  • KYC status of the folio.
  • Broker details (name and code) through whom the MF was purchased.
  • Date of last transaction in the scheme
  • No. of units held under the scheme in that folio
  • Market value of investment
  • NAV value
  • Date of calculation of NAV value
  • Type of asset i.e. Equity, Debt, Liquid, Cash
  • If the units are in demat format or not

Transaction data

This contains list of the transactions done by the user.

  • Date on which the transaction was done & on which the transaction was posted.
  • MF Scheme in which the transaction was done
  • Type of transaction. Ex : Purchase, Redemption, Switch, SIP etc.
  • Transaction amount
  • Transacted units
  • Charges for the transaction. Ex : STT, other taxes, stamp duty etc.

Response structure

Refer here

Sample response

Refer here


smallcase Gateway also provides analytics in the webhook response as described in the above response structure for each and every import done by the user

One can also get updated analytics periodically by using the same holdings import snapshot using the Analytics API provided by smallcase Gateway