Setup smallcase Gateway iOS SDK to allow your users to transact in stocks, ETFs & smallcases, and much more

Get started with the iOS SDK:

  1. Include the dependency in Podfile or via Package Manager.
  2. Initialize the SDK with relevant user data & config.
  3. Set up an endpoint on your backend to create new transactionId.
  4. Hit the endpoint and get transactionId
  5. Call the triggerTransaction method of the SDK with the transactionId
  6. Receive order response once the transaction completes

There are flows where transactionId is not required. In such cases, directly call the relevant SDK methods. For example - broker account opening flow.

SDK Updates

smallcase Gateway periodically releases SDK updates, including new functionality, enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates. Most of the time, changes are non-breaking updates. The host app will need to manually update the SDK version.


PlatformSDK versionXcode compatibilityMin Deployment Target
iOS3.7.014.xiOS 11.0

Next steps

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