The API provides details for the smallcase based on the passed SCID(unique smallcase id) enabled for your gateway. Data like basic smallcase information, description, rationale, returns, creator details, and much more is shared.

Use case: This is ideal data API when you want to display the detailed information of a particular smallcase to the user.


For fee-based smallcase, how can we get subscription plan details?

The endpoint will return a plans object with subscription-related information of the given smallcase. Note, that the plans object will be null for free smallcases.

`plans` object

duration: [string] Plan duration. Possible values 1m, 3m, 6m, and 1y.

auto: [boolean] Dictates if subscription can be auto-renewable, always true for aum plans

oneTime: [boolean] Dictates if subscription can be one time, always false for aum plans

aum: [boolean] Dictates if the subscription is aum or a flat fee

active: [boolean] Boolean value which dictates if the plan is currently active or discontinued

amount: [number] Amount of plan with taxes, irrelevant for aum plans

baseAmount: [number] Amount of plan without taxes, irrelevant for aum plans

notionalAmount: [number] Promotional price (higher than the actual price). It is shown as a discount.

baseNotionalAmount: [number] Promotional price without taxes (higher than the baseAmount).

planId: [string] Plan ID

`flags` object

mostPopular: [boolean] Dictates which plan is most popular, only one plan for a smallcase will be set as the most popular

Request parameters

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