Create a transactionId for smallcase orders

First order by a user in a smallcase - BUY

  • Each smallcase is represented by a unique id called scid. Pass the scid of respective smallcase which user wants to "buy".

  • Possible order type: BUY

  • x-gateway-authtoken JWT: can be a guest user auth tokenguest user auth token - JWT created with payload `{ "guest": true }`, and signed with the shared secret.

  • Sample request body -

  intent: 'TRANSACTION',
  orderConfig: {
    type: 'BUY',
    scid: 'SCET_0010'
    notes: 'upto 256 character long string (optional) to tag order'

Once the user completed a buy order, in the transaction response, iscid (a unique identifier for the user's invested smallcase) is created and shared.

Subsequent orders in an invested smallcase

  • This iscid can be used to trigger subsequent orders on the invested smallcase.

  • Possible order type: INVESTMORE / FIX / REBALANCE / SIP / MANAGE / EXIT

  • x-gateway-authtoken JWT: must be connected user auth tokenconnected user auth token - `smallcaseAuthToken` (JWT) containing `smallcaseAuthId` of the broker account with which transaction is (or, should be) performed. If such JWT is used to initialise Gateway session, SDK restricts user to allow transaction from related broker account only. Read more -

  • Sample request body -

  intent: 'TRANSACTION',
  orderConfig: {
    type: 'INVESTMORE',
    scid: 'SCET_0010',
    iscid: '5f4f654700957c752c48788f'
    notes: 'upto 256 character long string (optional) to tag order'

Possible order types

Order Type



This is the first investment for the user in a smallcase (identified uniquely by scid).


Users can make subsequent investments (buying more) in their invested smallcase (identified uniquely by iscid).


In a repair order, all the unfilled stocks of the previous transaction are attempted again as a fresh order on the same invested smallcase.


smallcase constituents are reviewed periodically to ensure that it accurately reflects the underlying theme and model.

Whenever a manager pushes rebalance update, a recommendedAction=REBALANCE is added to invested smallcase data (and as a pending action).


If a user has set a manual SIP, a SIP order will help the user complete their sip order on and after SIP due date.

The SIP pending action is added to the user's invested smallcase on the due date.


This flow allows user to manually tweak their investment (addition and removal of constituents) from their invested smallcase. This will lead to deviation from the manager's recommendation.


This will trigger the sell flow for the user to exit the smallcase, partially or completely.

Sample UI for enabling different order types
Investment details page screenshot from (for reference)Investment details page screenshot from (for reference)

Investment details page screenshot from (for reference)

How can we know which actions can be further taken on an invested smallcase?

Request parameters

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