Create a transactionId to allow your users to import their broker holdings on your platform


Learn about Holdings Import flow -

Once the transactionId is created, the same can be passed to the triggerTransaction method of the client-side SDK

User will be asked to login with his choice of broker & allow holdings import on the partner platform with one-time consent

Holdings data is then shared via webhooks. Holdings data response structure here

Import mutual fund holdings

smallcase Gateway now provides an option to import mutual funds holdings along with the stocks and smallcase holdings in the holdings import flow (broker support: <<mfSupportedBroker>>).

Learn more To create a transactionId for holdings import to include the mutual funds holdings in response along with stock and smallcase holdings, pass the body params as mentioned below:

   "intent": "HOLDINGS_IMPORT",
   "assetConfig": {
       "mfHoldings": "true"

Request parameters

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