Universal API for fetching transaction details for all supported transaction intents

API details

This API supports transactionId created for both CONNECTED as well as GUEST users.

In the case of a connected user, the transaction details for the given transactionId would be provided if the transactionId belongs to the connected user.

Supported transactionId

All transactionId created with either of these intents are supported - CONNECT, TRANSACTION and HOLDINGS_IMPORT

Transaction statuses

Possible values of transactionDetails.status:

Transaction StatusDescription
INITIALIZED• Txn is not triggered OR
• If txn has not expired yet: user has still not completed broker login OR
• User closed your app/browser tab before broker login
USED• If txn has not expired yet: user is still completing post broker login Gateway flow OR
• User closed your app/broker tab after broker login and before completing the txn
PROCESSING• Txn is under process (eg: AMO, limit orders in open state).
ACTION_REQUIRED• smallcase order txn requires user to take some other action (eg: REPAIR) before they can continue with the intended order type (eg: REBALANCE).
ERRORED• Gateway flow has ended with an error thrown to SDK. Use transactionDetails.error object in same response for details.
COMPLETED• Txn is complete (eg: order placement, holdings import, smallcase subscription, etc).

Note: For order transactions, this status means that Gateway has a final update on the order. Order can have failed/succeed/partially succeed.

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Request parameters

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