What are the dimensions of embed cards?

Yes, sizes for both cards (small & big cards) are constant

  • Small card - 300 x 378px
  • Big card - 500 x 300px

Are embed cards responsive to screen size?

In order to provide the best possible experience to end-user, we designed two size cards to serve the purpose -

  1. small cards work for all screens with a width of 300px or more
  2. big cards will work for devices with a screen size of more than 500px

What if I use cardsize=big for the small screen as well?

While the big cards were designed in mind for tablet or desktop, the embed script takes care that if the screen size is less than 640px, it will show only small card, ignoring the value of cardsize attribute.

The card is not showing up for me - what can be the cause?

For the card to render, check whether -

  • Network request for embed script & iframe is failing

  • Content Security Policy is blocking script or iframe from loading

    CSP must allow script & iframe to be loaded from [https://www.smallcase.com](https://www.smallcase.com) (smallcase card) or [https://www.gateway-tt.in](https://www.gateway-tt.in) (stock card)

  • Embed script is executing before the element with 'sc-embed' class is loaded

    To dynamically render the card, you can execute load method of a global variable - scEmbedController

How can I dynamically load the card in my Single Page Application?

To dynamically render the card, you can execute the load method of a global variable -


This will reload all the embed cards.

Why is the embed card not aligned properly?

The card should render in the middle of available horizontal space. However, if that is not happening, check whether any of your CSS is overriding any of the embed iframe's style. You can do this by inspecting CSS for the iframe DOM element in your browser's dev tool.

Should I include the script tag only once on the page?

Yes, all the embed cards are powered by the same embed script. And hence, you only need to include once on your page.