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High-level representation of the order flow


users confirms order -> a transaction is created & transactionId passed to client side sdk -> user prompt to select broker -> login with trading account -> review stock orders -> funds & holdings check -> stock orders sent to broker -> broker returns executed order

Create transaction

Every time your user clicks the Invest button, use the Gateway API to create an transactionId from your server
A transactionId can be created for following intents -

    stock/ETF & smallcase order
    Fetch user's stock portfolio

Check Create Transaction API

Trigger transaction flow

A triggerTransaction method is available on all client sdks
It accepts two parameters -

  • transactionId - Eg: TRX_652377470a134a80ac6c56d19ef3416c
  • brokers - array of supported brokers, use aliceblue, angelbroking, axis, dhan, edelweiss, fivepaisa, fundzbazar, groww, hdfc, icici, iifl, kite, kotak, motilal, trustline & upstox. This is used to show a custom list of one or more brokers for user's selection

Check the SDK specific triggerTransaction method below -

Transaction response

A transaction can be completed after orders are sent to broker. If can be placed, executed or cancelled by the broker, we share order response on webhook provided by you and as response to triggerTransaction method
Check Transaction Response

Alternatively, if the transaction fails (Eg: user abandons, session expiry etc), error data is shared
Check Transaction Errors

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