Kickstart Integration


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✨ Get started with smallcase Gateway integration -


In order to start the integration, let's understand the following credentials first -


Unique name used to identify each partner. It is used as part of the Gateway API Url.


secret is unique & confidential for each partner
Used to create smallcaseAuthToken(JWT) for initializing Gateway client side SDK.


apiSecret is unique & confidential for each partner
It is used as a request header to authenticate all Gateway backend API requests

Domain whitelisting

For the Gateway initialization to be successful, please share your development & production domains with us for whitelisting
This is applicable for web integration only



If either of the above four items are not in place, please write to us on [email protected]


Gateway API url

The Gateway API URL is You need to include this before each API endpoint to make API calls

JWT : JSON Web Tokens

JWT are an open, industry-standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties. Refer
Gateway provides a secret (as mentioned in prerequisites) to encode the desired payload & create JWT
Read more on how we are using JWT

Guest user

A user when interacting with the Gateway ecosystem for the first time will have to choose a broker from our list of supported brokers and login with his broker credentials. This user is identified as a guest user in the gateway ecosystem

To initialize a gateway session for such guest user, the JWT has to be created with the following payload

  guest: true

Connected user

Once broker authentication flow is completed by the user, smallcaseAuthId is shared by Gateway as part of the transaction response.

Note: In case of client-side, smallcaseAuthId can be extracted by decoding the smallcaseAuthToken(JWT) received in the response
In case of webhook response, smallcaseAuthId is shared as part of the response data

smallcaseAuthId is a unique ID to identify users between the integration partner & Gateway as well as save his choice of broker.

All subsequent Gateway sessions for this user can be initialized by creating a JWT with smallcaseAuthId as payload.

  smallcaseAuthId: <smallcaseAuthId string>

A connected user will be prompted to login with his choice of broker instead of having to select a broker from available list
Read more on User & broker sessions

Gateway client side SDK

Gateway provides integration support for the following platforms -

To continue integration, please select your choice of integration platform above
Don't find your platform's integration in the list, let us know at [email protected]

Next steps

Alternatively, start exploring the web integration