Fetch holding with broker login Dhan screen stuck at connect to broker

during fetch holding with broker dhan screen is getting stuck at connect to broker pop-up transaction trigger method parameters: brokers:['dhan'] transactionId: "transactionId" received error in catch block a.getIntentURL is not a function received error object is empty

Getting error when Triggering Transaction

I am getting gatewayError, ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): GatewayError: invalid_transaction GatewayError: invalid_transaction

We have website with Gateway's JS SDK integrated. Will transactions work in webview?

We have integrated Gateway's JS SDK on our website. Can we now embed this website in our app as WebView? Are there any considerations to keep in mind?

SDK's triggerTransaction method seems never resolve the promise in some cases.

**Web SDK** In some cases when the transaction doesn't go through (it is limited to this case at least in the limited testing we have done) in the following cases at least: - Not enough funds - Proceed anyway - Trade fails - User exits by clicking the exit button - Broker account does not have equity segment enabled. - Trades fail. - User exits by clicking the exit button. The pattern seems to be that in some natural flow of interaction, due to some case, trades fail and the exit button is presented to the user and the user exits the SDK flow by clicking it. - In these cases, the promise on the `triggerTransaction` method never `resolves` or `rejects` and it is in limbo. Some sample code for reference: ```js try { const txnRes = await sg.triggerTransaction({ transactionId: res.data.transaction_id, }); console.log("Done transacting"); console.log(txnRes); // Other logic } catch (err: any) { console.log("error: ", err); // Error handling logic } ``` In the above snippet, in the cases described above, no `log` happens and the logic is stuck in limbo. App appears normal and the app is in focus for interaction as far as DOM elements are concerned. But control never reaches consequent logic. Please let us know in case we're doing something wrong on our end.

Web SDK: how to trigger transaction in leprechaun mode?

What are the different ways in which we can trigger a transaction in leprechaun mode?

Getting error while generating authentication key

'IDX10653: The encryption algorithm 'HS256' requires a key size of at least '128' bits. Key '[PII of type 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.SymmetricSecurityKey' is hidden. For more details, see https://aka.ms/IdentityModel/PII.]', is of size: '112'. Parameter name: key'

How to cancel a single order?

I want to cancel a pending order. What API can be used for cancellation? Please suggest

500 internal error when guest user api is invoked

500 internal error when guest user api is invoked : 500 Internal Server Error: "{"success":false,"errors":["Internal server error"],"data":null,"errorType":"InternalError"}" http://localhost:8099/api/v1/transaction/guest-user/create x-gateway-authtoken : eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJndWVzdCI6dHJ1ZSwiZXhwIjoxNjU2MzM0NDQ1LCJpYXQiOjE2NTU3Mjk2NDV9.AxzCZqCjxi8tMLePk78O3uGBdV9kRx4DcJoCx03t3bk Issue is when we are invoking the api with object having securities nodes as follows , it go into error : String ticker; SecurityTypeEnum type; OrderTypeEnum orderType; Long quantity; BigDecimal price; BigDecimal triggerPrice; Note: json data we provide as required only - { "intent": "TRANSACTION", "orderConfig": { "type": "SECURITIES", "securities": [ { "ticker": "WSI" } ] } When we remove the fields for price and triggerPrice , it starts working even if we provide just ticker value in json. Please help understand , how api is created so that null values for price and triggerPrice is causing problem to it. IMPACT : this is causing us to create multiple request object just to invoke similar api .