Fetch holding with broker login Dhan screen stuck at connect to broker

during fetch holding with broker dhan screen is getting stuck at connect to broker pop-up transaction trigger method parameters: brokers:['dhan'] transactionId: "transactionId" received error in catch block a.getIntentURL is not a function received error object is empty

Getting error when Triggering Transaction

I am getting gatewayError, ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): GatewayError: invalid_transaction GatewayError: invalid_transaction

Getting error while generating authentication key

'IDX10653: The encryption algorithm 'HS256' requires a key size of at least '128' bits. Key '[PII of type 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.SymmetricSecurityKey' is hidden. For more details, see https://aka.ms/IdentityModel/PII.]', is of size: '112'. Parameter name: key'

About Holdings Import V2 response

In the Holdings Import V2 response, will there be cases where "quantity" key value would be less than the "smallcaseQuantity" value?

Securities Transaction: Basket Order

Hi Team, I have some questions about securities transaction API when we place a basket order: 1. If I place a basket order with securities transaction API, what will be the order update trigger that I'll receive via single stock update webhook? Let's say, the basket order contains 4 stocks in the securities list. Will I receive four separate updates as and when those orders are completed or a single update when all of them are completed? Let's say if one stock order is completed successfully, will I get the all four orders in the order update trigger with the schema something like this: { ... orders: { "stock1": { "status": "COMPLETED", ... }, "stock2": { "status": "PLACED", ... }, "stock3": { "status": "PLACED", ... }, "stock4": { "status": "PLACED", ... } } ... } OR only the completed order with schema something like this: { ... orders: { "stock1": { "status": "COMPLETED", ... } } ... } 2. Is it checking for the validity of funds to place all the stock orders in the securities list of the basket? For ex. If 2 stock orders are completed and now the user doesn't have enough funds to place other two stock orders.

Gateway Initialization Error

I am getting this on Guest Initialization for getting smallCaseAuthId via Broker Login. Init response: {"errorCode":2000,"errorMessage":"internal_error"}

Help required in android integration

// Include maven repository url and authentication details repositories { maven { url "https://artifactory.smallcase.com/artifactory/gradle-dev-local" credentials { username "${artifactory_user}" password "${artifactory_password}" } } } what needs to go here in user_name and password field here.