Need Details of API Pricing

Hi, I'm exploring the smallcase API for an initial project with potential broader applications. However, I couldn't find pricing details on your website documentation. Does smallcase offer a free tier or trial for professional use? Appreciate the information!

Introducing the Connect 4 board game

Connect 4 is a two-player game where the objective is to line up four of your colored pieces in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally in the grid used as the "game board". Each player takes turns placing one of their colored pieces on the 6 x 7 grid. Similar to tic-tac-toe, players want to get four pieces of their color in a row, while also preventing their opponent from getting four pieces of their color in a row. The first player to arrange four of his pieces in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins. FEATURES AND CUSTOMIZATION We created that great classic board game with character customizations in mind: - Minimalist, simple and fun game, suitable for children and adults. - The entire game is free, with very few ads (no ads while playing) - Exercise your brain and relax! - [connect 4]( and enjoy You can customize some game features (from the settings option): - Play or mute sound. - Change color themes (light, dark and blue) - Change the style of tables and disks. - Language. Game modes: 1 player mode allows you to play against the computer. Difficulty increases with level. - "Single Player": You will play against AI (Artificial Intelligence). There are different levels of difficulty. Will you be able to connect 4 in a row with the most "smart" robot? 2-player mode allows you to play with another player on another device. - "Two Players": Classic match where each player spins their colored chips. The first person to connect 4 in a row wins.

The game features hundreds of levels

Each with different objectives, including achieving a certain score, clearing specific types of candies, or collecting specific items. Players can also compete against their friends and other players on the leaderboards, earning bragging rights and rewards.

Unable to login in smallcase using upstox

It says that we received invalid token form our servers Kindly help

wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <>

Transaction API

Do you provide transaction API for mutual funds where one can buy or sell funds

Futures and options trade

HI , I wanted to know that can we place order for futures and options through smallcase api's using the linked broker accounts. Also please tell where can we find the list of securities ticker name.

Can we generate smallcaseauthtoken first time from backend?

In my frontend side sdk is not integrated, and I want to check the flow from backend API, So for that I want to generate smallcaseAuthToken from backend. So how can i generate it?


i want to create a webhook in smallcase is it possible

Api to create small case ?

Is there any api that creates or gets the custom small case created in small case app