Smallcase historical returns

To pull the hostorical return of a smallcase, there is a gatewayname parameter. what is that and how do i create it?

How to get investments of all users for a gateway.

I want to fetch investments for all users under a company gateway.

flutter integration

how to access onsucces method in flutter integration example: ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.setConfigEnvironment( GatewayEnvironment.PRODUCTION, 'futurewise-technologies', false, [checkAccountType()], isAmoenabled: false); so i am using this method so giving wrong response , i got this response :---> { "data":{ "batches":\[ { "filled":1, "variety":"regular", "buyAmount":16.5, "sellAmount":0, "orders":[ { "orderType":"MARKET", "product":"CNC", "price":0, "exchange":"NSE", "status":"COMPLETE", "quantity":2, "tradingsymbol":"SUZLON", "transactionType":"BUY", "orderTimestamp":"2023-04-11T06":"47":34.000Z, "filledQuantity":2, "averagePrice":8.25, "exchangeOrderId":1300000011437423, "triggerPrice":0, "statusMessage":"EXECUTED" } ], "unplaced":\[ ``` ], "batchId":64350286c769201efb8957de, "broker":"groww", "quantity":1, "status":"COMPLETED", "completedDate":"2023-04-11T06":"47":37.668Z, "transactionId":TRX_100ebf912e50417cba4045373c85c94c } ] ``` }, "broker":"groww", "smallcaseAuthToken":eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzbWFsbGNhc2VBdXRoSWQiOiI2NDJhNjMzMzBlOTk4MjdkNGYyMDJiZWYiLCJpYXQiOjE2ODExOTU2MDMsImV4cCI6MTY4MTE5OTIwM30.GJQryZbP0M1sUT0Nu_EbNsNpNMnmKu7c93VwbG-ePKU, "transactionId":TRX_100ebf912e50417cba4045373c85c94c, "success":true, "transaction":"TRANSACTION" } i getting this response but its not as per the transcation response as per doc . ``` ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.initGateway(response['authToken']); var newdata = await ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.triggerGatewayTransaction( response['transactionDetails']['data']['transactionId']); ```

Mutual Fund holdings import?

What is the API response which we get from MF central for Mutual Funds i.e. without analytics

AMO order modified?

How does smallcase handle situations when AMO order is modified for STT? Does it send a webhook response to registered URL with some status? So far I didn't see any status similar to "UPDATE"

Kite redirect not working

Whenever we are trying to place order or fetch holdings from our broker(kite) smallcase web view doesn't redirects back to app. even after clicking on force redirect it doesn't redirect. This is happening only with kite. Please check this.


We are very interested to integrate smallcase gateway at our startup and would like to proceed further with technical communication and solve some doubts

Fetch holding with broker login Dhan screen stuck at connect to broker

during fetch holding with broker dhan screen is getting stuck at connect to broker pop-up transaction trigger method parameters: brokers:['dhan'] transactionId: "transactionId" received error in catch block a.getIntentURL is not a function received error object is empty