Using virtual tokens (leprechauns) for testing

Test (Virtual broker) mode

smallcase Gateway has a test mode where the actual broker login is bypassed and you can still test most aspects of your integration.

Instead of having to use actual login credentials for each broker, you can use virtual tokens (leprechauns) provided by the smallcase Gateway team.

Each leprechaun token has virtual funds for placing orders. You can consider each token as a separate broker account, and use them as if they were real accounts.


  1. Leprechaun mode does not work with Dhan, Fisdom, Groww and Motilal Oswal.
  2. Same leprechaun token can be used independently with different leprechaun brokers.
  3. Market timings for leprechaun mode is internally controlled by smallcase team. They do not follow actual market timings.

Enabling test mode

By default, the broker chooser opens in Live mode. To switch to test mode -

  1. click on the "Login with your broker" title
  2. press SHIFT + L
  3. Select a broker
  4. Enter virtual token to login

(If you are on a mobile device, tap ten times on the same title to toggle the mode)


Step 1: Click on title


Step 2: Press SHIFT + L
Once the leprechaun mode is enabled, you would see a toast message on the screen


Step 3: Select one of the brokers


Step 4: Paste leprechaun (virtual token) to login


You are now logged in and can interact with the gateway as if you logged in with actual login credentials 🎉