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Single Stock Update Webhook - Average Price

In the response of single stock update webhook, We have following response:

"buyAmount": 0,
"sellAmount": 24360.119999999995,
"quantity": 1,
"filled": 1,
"status": "COMPLETED",
"variety": "regular",
"completedDate": "2022-01-07T14:17:23.276Z",
"orders": [
"status": "COMPLETE",
"quantity": 10,
"tradingsymbol": "RELIANCE",
"transactionType": "SELL",
"averagePrice": 2436.0119999999997,
"exchange": "NSE",
"orderType": "MARKET",
"product": "CNC",
"filledQuantity": 10,
"unplaced": [],
"broker": "kite-leprechaun",
"timestamp": "2022-01-07T14:17:23.286Z",

Here, when the transaction type is SELL and we get the average price. What does this average Price represents? Is it the Sell Price per Share for this SELL transaction?

Similarly, when the transaction type is BUY and we get the average price. Is it the price at which those shares were bought or the weighted average price of all the shares for that ticker?

For ex. We buy 2 share of ticker X at price A and 1 share of same ticker X at price B.
The average price that we'll get in the BUY order of X at price B, is it the weighted average price for the current holdings (2 (at price A) +1 (at price B) = 3 shares) or the price at which that share was bought (B in this case) ?