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InitGateway Issue in Flutter SDK

Hello Team,

I am facing issue while initialising Gateway using ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.
I have set Environment config params: (GatewayEnvironment.DEVELOPMENT, {my_gateway}, true, [])
that returns with Future {"success": true}

Code for initialising Gateway

        GatewayEnvironment.DEVELOPMENT, {my_gateway}, true, []).then((value) {
      String authToken =
      ScgatewayFlutterPlugin.initGateway(authToken).then((value) {
        print("Init gateway complete: $value");

authToken is generated with secret provided, expiresIn time "1d" and {guest: true} using jwt as suggested in documentation.

I am getting output as:
D/Android_Native_Scgateway( 6338): onFailure: internal_error
I/flutter ( 6338): Init response: {"errorCode":2000,"errorMessage":"internal_error"}
I/flutter ( 6338): Init gateway complete: {"errorCode":2000,"errorMessage":"internal_error"}

Please help me with this asap