Gwangju City Corporation seizes opportunity to leapfrog by beating Samcheok City Hall to end losing streak
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Gwangju City Corporation seizes opportunity to leapfrog by beating Samcheok City Hall to end losing streak

Gwangju City Corporation defeats defending champion Samcheok City Hall to end its losing streak.

Gwangju City Corporation defeated Samcheok City Hall 30-27 on Sunday in the second round of the Women's Division of the Shinhan SOL Pay 2023-24 Handball H League at Busan Gijang Gymnasium in Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea.

With the win, Gwangju City Corporation moved up to sixth place with three wins, one draw and four losses and seven points, while Samcheok City Hall, which was riding a two-game winning streak, remained in fourth place with four wins, one draw and two losses and nine points.

Throughout the first half, Gwangju City Corporation held a narrow lead and took control of the game, before giving up the lead with 10 minutes left in the second half. However, they managed to come back in the last minute to win a thrilling victory.

From the beginning of the first half, Gwangju City Corporation took a narrow lead as they scored a goal on a fast break. Lee Hansol's pivot play gave them an early 6-5 lead. Samcheok City Hall also led the early game thanks to Kim Bo-eun.

Gwangju City Corporation never relinquished the lead and went up to 10-7 after Seo Aru's wing attack and Kim Geum-jung's daring breakthrough for a 7-meter dodge. Samcheok City Government utilized Kim Sun-hwa's wing to pull within 10-9.

Gwangju City Corporation's main gun Kim Ji-hyun made it 12-9 with a mid-range shot, but Samcheok City Hall fought back with breakthroughs from Kim Ji-a and Kim Min-seo to tie the score at 14-14 and end the first half.

In the beginning of the second half, the score remained tied at one goal apiece until Gwangju City Corporation's Park Jo-eun made a save and Seo Ah-roo scored three goals in a row with a variety of attacks, including wing and inside attacks, to take a 19-17 lead.

Kim Ji-hyun hit back-to-back mid-range shots to bring Gwangju to within four points, 22-18. However, Gwangju City Corporation's two-minute ejection allowed Samcheok City Hall to score back-to-back goals to take a 24-23 lead.

After a tense game of exchanging goals, Samcheok City Hall took advantage of a two-minute ejection to regain the lead with a breakthrough shot by Gwangju City Corporation's Kim Geum-jung, one goal from an interception by Kim Seo-jin, a mid-range shot by Kim Ji-hyun, and a 7-meter dunk by Seo Aru to take a 30-26 lead. In the end, Gwangju City Corporation won 30-27, breaking the chain of two consecutive losses.

Gwangju City Corporation led the offense with 11 goals from Seo Aru and 9 goals from Kim Ji-hyun, while goalkeeper Park Jo-eun made 15 saves in the victory.

Samcheok City Government 메이저사이트 was led by Kim Bo-eun and Kim Sun-hwa with seven goals each, while goalkeeper Park Sae-young made nine saves.

"We've been in a bad mood lately, so I asked us to play hard without any pressure, but it feels good to get a good result," said Seo Aru of Gwangju City Corporation, who was named MVP after scoring 11 goals. "I think it will help us change the mood by getting a valuable win."